Headshot of Whitney Hill

Whitney Hill

Whitney Hill
Accessibility Specialist

For over a decade, Whitney has engaged with nonprofits and educational organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities. Through experience and training, she has acquired a thorough and practical knowledge of ADA Standards for Accessible Design. A creative problem-solver who relishes a challenge, she is a valuable contributor to the LCM team. “It’s hard to build a society where you have individuals proud of their differences and disabilities when from the get-go, we are building systems that are shaming them; architecture is definitely part of that system. Being on the reverse side of that, working with clients who are trying make an accessible space, it’s very empowering to be involved from the beginning and help inform them of the process they need to go through”, she shares about her passion for her work.

Whitney’s passion for advocacy has flourished in SPORK!, a nonprofit she established to further connect with the disability community.

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