Headshot of Troy Paul

Troy Paul, BArch

Troy Paul, BArch
Accessibility Reviewer, FHA

“When I was a kid, I fantasized about becoming an aircraft designer, but then I read in an encyclopedia that the number of drawings it takes to construct an aircraft can fill up an entire football field”, Troy recalls. “Back in the day, we got our information from encyclopedias,” he adds with a wry smile. 

Still fascinated with design as an adult, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. After practicing for 10 years on a variety of project types, from schools to high-rise housing and even a historic aqueduct, he shifted to a stint in education as a public-school teacher. Troy brings this multifaceted experience to LCM as an accessibility specialist in the ADA consulting group, where he is renewing his focus on the built environment by helping to make places more accessible to all people, including the young and old and those with disabilities.

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