Todd Douglas, AIA, LEED AP

Todd Douglas, AIA, LEED AP
Partner | Architect

“Sustainable and universal design concepts are natural and obvious components of good design. Routinely integrating them in the creative process is just sensible practice.”

As a design leader at LCM, Todd brings the same dedication, versatility, and hard work to architecture that he displayed as a college decathlete. Well-rounded, and a prime example of left brain-right brain synergy, he engages his creative talent while logically managing a project’s planning, details, and constructability.

Strongly influenced by environmental and social sustainability concepts, Todd’s vision for clean and modern design aims for comfortable and universally functional human environments. He favors architecture that considers physical orientation and materiality, while bringing the salutary benefits of light and other natural elements indoors. Todd’s ideal design details are stylish yet subtle and, most important, equally usable by everyone.

A history buff, Todd admires the achievements of notable figures who have overcome challenges to make their mark. For him, architecture is a way to leave his own mark by molding ideas into a tangible legacy that makes a difference in people’s lives.

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