Steven Rybicki

Steven Rybicki
Associate Principal | Accessibility Specialist, FHA


“Many accessibility details are barely noticeable and should not be a threat to designers, especially in a universal design approach where thoughtful and inconspicuous details achieve spaces that work well for everyone and inconvenience no one.”

As a Project Manager and mentor with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, Steve is a dependable and approachable resource for clients and fellow team members. He has a leadership role in all aspects of LCM’s FHA services, including plan and construction review, quality control, staff and client training, and legal support.

Architecture as a blend of science and art plays out in Steve’s daily work mastering complicated accessibility standards and applying them to buildings without disrupting the design. Steve surpasses client expectations by not merely identifying compliance issues, but by offering reasonable solutions that balance design, compliance, and the client’s bottom line.

With the ideals of learning, fairness, and helping others as his north star, Steve believes that education about accessible design not only helps those in the building industry avoid legal predicaments, but also opens doors – often literally – for people whose abilities have historically not been considered in the built environment.

Steve satisfies his lifelong appetite for learning and curiosity about the world by supplementing his professional travels throughout the country with visits to national parklands, where he explores nature and welcomes its spiritually restorative virtues.

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