Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold
Associate | Architectural Designer

“Problem-solving is our business. I consider design and technical challenges from multiple perspectives so I can present smart, responsive resolutions.”

Since joining LCM in 2000, Mike has participated in every project phase, from concept to closeout, and has seen every aspect of managing an architecture business. Mike’s forte is managing multiple renovation projects of all types.

Mike learned early that solving problems is an architect’s business. When a high school drafting teacher memorably cautioned that posing a problem without a solution could be a firing offense, Mike took that lesson to heart. As a professional he puzzles over design and technical challenges from all angles so he can present his client with reasonable options. Clients appreciate that Mike’s level of detail helps them make informed decisions.

Tutoring children and volunteering at a children’s art center, Mike glimpsed the creative potential that abounds in a community and affirmed his conviction that compassion comes from understanding the experiences of others. This is a recurring theme in his work as he encourages user-friendly design to benefit everyone – including children, elderly, and people with disabilities.

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