Matthew Schreiber, MArch, LEED AP

Matthew Schreiber, MArch, LEED AP
Associate | Architectural Designer

With a passion for sustainable design, Matthew strives to create functional and appealing spaces that have less impact on the environment and more impact on people.

Matthew is a collaborative planner and designer with experience in architecture projects from conceptualization through construction. An expert in design software and visualization tools such as Sketchup  and BIM modeling, he offers clients three-dimensional clarity to projects.

Hard work, diligence, and a sense of humor earn Matthew a valued standing on any project team. With an educational background in economics, mathematics, and architecture, he enjoys applying his natural ability to solve quantitative problems to his work. In their complexity and variety, his renovation and adaptive reuse projects present fertile ground for unexpected snags that he is well-equipped to untangle.

Matthew’s work at LCM offers ample opportunity to fulfill his creative and technical instincts, which he finds very satisfying. In a practice that blends architecture, accessibility, and universal design, Matthew takes a great deal of pride in shaping environments that not only promote sustainability but also great social equality.

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