Kate Gonzalez

Kate Gonzalez
Associate Principal

“There are so many ways to remove physical barriers and make things easier for people. Our goal is to help clients in every industry make that happen in the U.S. and around the world.”

Kate draws on nearly 20 years of experience and uses her skills in organization, leadership, and building client rapport to successfully manage multisite accessibility programs for commercial, retail, and hospitality industries. She is responsible for scheduling and coordinating a team of 15 accessibility specialists to conduct ADA surveys, compile data, and provide technical field assistance.

A substantial part of her work focuses on accessibility training for businesses. She develops surveyor training modules and conducts classroom and field training for client staff. She also produces training manuals and videos to reach a wider audience. Kate also has experience with ADA Title II evaluations and corrective plans to ensure access to programs and services provided by government entities.

Trained as an occupational therapist with a Masters in Disability and Human Development, Kate’s career path has always focused on improving the functional relationship between individuals and their physical environment. She approaches project management by appraising each client’s unique needs and customizing a plan for achieving accessibility goals, always with the big picture in mind – making the built environment work for people with disabilities.

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