Headshot of John Ritzu

John Ritzu, RA

John Ritzu, RA
Associate Principal | Accessibility Specialist, FHA

John has been part of the architecture profession for more than four decades. Through that experience he has come to learn that: “In architecture firms, there are some people who want to be designers, some are technically very good, but most of the time nobody really wants to deal with the code issues. I was always interested in that because I’m naturally very curious, and I like figuring out problems.” Since joining LCM in 2007, he has applied his experience as a registered architect and extensive knowledge of building, zoning, and accessibility regulations to all aspects of the practice. As project manager for the HUD sponsored Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST program for 10 years, he not only managed and conducted nationwide technical trainings for building industry professionals, but also maintained the FHA FIRST website, supervised the technical support hotline, and diligently handled voluminous and detailed program reporting for HUD records.

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