John H. Catlin, FAIA

John H. Catlin, FAIA
Partner | Architect, Accessibility Specialist

“My goal has always been to integrate architecture and accessibility in a seamless process.”

Jack has been a pioneer in creating environments for people with disabilities by promoting design elements in the built environment that advance a more inclusive, sustainable society.

He was appointed in 1994 by President Clinton to the U.S. Access Board, the federal agency responsible for developing guidelines under the ADA, and was the first practicing architect to serve as Chair. His experience with the needs of the disability community and his understanding of the ADA have been instrumental in developing federal, state, and local accessibility codes that have significant implications for the design and building industries.

Drawing on his unique professional and personal experience, Jack forges ties between the disability and building communities by raising awareness and providing guidance. He assists clients with the development of ADA Title II Self Evaluations and Transition Plans and Title III Accessibility Audits and Compliance Plans. Recognized by HUD, the U.S. DOJ, and other agencies as an authority on accessibility standards, Jack is involved in ADA compliance settlement agreements or consent decrees on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants or as a neutral third party.

Jack has traveled the globe, speaking and advising on topics related to universal design and accessibility standards, and has received numerous awards for his leadership in the field. 

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