Gigi McCabe-Miele, AIA

Gigi McCabe-Miele, AIA


“I admire people who are mindful of what’s around them and creatively use what they learn to improve the world for everyone.”

As a Senior Project Manager and mentor, Gigi is highly esteemed by colleagues and clients for her field experience, knowledge, and interpretation of ADA Title II and Title III standards. She came to the field with a background in studio arts and an interest in urban planning and has been with LCM since 2002.

For Gigi, architecture is designed from the inside out, focusing on user needs. She ardently embraces the creativity of universal design as an intentional process for creating barrier-free spaces. While she is always invested in finding technical solutions for a client’s accessibility goals, her greatest reward is in seeing and demonstrating how thoughtful changes in the environment can alter people’s lives for the better.

As people with disabilities have attained greater public visibility, Gigi is gratified to see that accessibility has emerged from the shadows and public and private organizations are recognizing that it makes sense to provide facilities that welcome a wider base.

Gigi serves on the Historic Review Board of Michigan City, IN, and the Building Rehabilitation Code Task Force of the Urban Land Institute.

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