Headshot of Ewa Kolacz

Ewa Kolacz

Ewa Kolacz
Associate | Interior Designer

Ewa relishes untangling Gordian knots she encounters in the design process by approaching the challenge from different angles and accepting impediments as an opportunity to find a better solution. Leading the firm’s interior design practice with an engaging joie de vivre, Ewa builds on an artistic career designing theatrical sets and award-winning interiors. Research into universal design led her to LCM in 2011, where she is gratified to be channeling her creativity into work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Much like the theatrical sets she designed, her interiors tell stories. A master at conceiving a unifying metaphorical theme, Ewa draws inspiration from nature’s potent forces of light, scale, and color. Clients value her ability to reveal their history, identity, and goals through an artful synthesis of design elements.

While Ewa delights in the abstract beauty of design, she loves design that aspires to a higher purpose. Among her most rewarding projects is the renovation of the Center for Enriched Living, which serves people with development and cognitive disabilities. For Ewa, thoughtfully designing every detail of an environment to empower members to lead more fulfilled daily lives was pure joy.

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