Douglas J. Anderson, CASp, RAS

Douglas J. Anderson, CASp, RAS
Partner | Accessibility Specialist

Doug helps major corporations and small businesses understand and navigate accessibility requirements.

In his career spanning nearly 30 years, Doug has been recognized nationwide for his expertise in accessibility laws, codes, and standards. He was appointed by President Bush in 2003 to the U.S. Access Board, the agency responsible for developing ADA guidelines. During his tenure Doug was Chair of the Board, Vice Chair of the Board, and Chair of the Executive Committee responsible for establishing regulations for public right of way, passenger vessels, and emergency transportable housing. Today he is a frequent presenter at national conferences, a contributing author for articles, and an expert witness for ADA and FHA litigation.

Doug successfully cultivated LCM’s multisite accessibility client base, helping large commercial and hospitality brands strategically plan for accessibility compliance among properties throughout the U.S. and abroad. With an MBA, Doug focuses his work and insights through a business lens. Always seeking new and better ways to be of service, he encourages his team to devise efficiencies that benefit the client’s bottom line and adapt to evolving business agendas.

Doug currently represents the hospitality industry as the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s member on the American National Standards Institute A117.1 Accessibility Committee. He is also on the Illinois Capital Development Board’s committee responsible for the 2018 revisions to the Illinois Accessibility Code.

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