Douglas A. Mohnke, AIA

Douglas A. Mohnke, AIA


“Our people are our most important investment. The talented and diverse individuals we have brought together work effectively as a team to best serve our architecture and accessibility clients.”

A founding partner of LCM, Doug enriches the firm’s accessibility and design practice with a more than 40 years of planning, architecture, and urban design experience.

Doug sets the design direction for LCM’s largest master planning and new construction architecture projects. In addition to serving as the Partner In Charge of Design, he is recognized as an authority on design and construction related FHA provisions and regularly participates in litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants or as a neutral third party.

In his roles of business owner, architect, designer, and accessibility specialist, Doug understands on many levels the implications of accessibility modifications to existing buildings. He conceptualizes and organizes projects with a concern for fiscal and aesthetic integrity, while following compliance regulations and promoting the Principles of Universal Design.

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