Deborah Talamantez

Deborah Talamantez

External communications and interactions are critical for new business but internal engagement about projects, capabilities, and mission is equally important. LCM benefits from even more new work when everyone recognizes opportunities for all our services – accessibility, inclusive design, and architecture.”

Deborah is LCM’s Director of Business Development and Marketing. She has 20 years of experience across a broad range of marketing and business development functions in the architecture industry. Like a true marketing professional she wears many hats – RFQ/RFP management, public relations, event planning, research, interview preparation, client relations. Above all, she combines vision, strong business acumen, and well-developed management skills to position LCM for success.

As a communicator, Deborah is quick to applaud LCM’s culture of open dialogue between senior leadership and staff. She knows keeping everyone on the same page is a key to formulating sound strategies for growing business. So, finding opportunities to break down ‘silos’ of practice areas in the firm is a top priority for Deborah. Particularly effective are monthly Friday gatherings she launched. Informal information presentations related to LCM’s work blend with humor, camaraderie, and just plain fun. She enjoys the creative process of percolating and executing ideas for new topics and themes.

Since joining LCM in 2017, Deborah has launched and strategically cultivated a more robust digital presence for the firm. In addition, she spearheaded a refresh of marketing collateral to solidify the company’s brand.

Deborah holds a Master of Science in Marketing Communications from Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business. She is an alumna of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BA in Psychology and Sociology. 

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