Christina Clementi

Christina Clementi

“Functionality is an integral part of good design. Accessibility compliance is important because spaces should function for all users, including those with disabilities.”

From her days as an architecture student to her professional work at LCM, Christina has concentrated on design details that make environments accessible to users with diverse abilities.

A member of LCM’s consulting group that specializes in requirements of the Fair Housing Act, she is highly organized and practiced at interpreting the nuances of accessibility specifications. Personally and professionally driven to make environments more functional for all users, Christina helps architects and multifamily housing developers to understand and comply with FHA guidelines and other applicable accessibility standards and codes.

For a variety of multifamily building types throughout the country, Christina is involved in client consultation, plan and construction review, and report preparation. She conducts due diligence surveys to identify potential accessibility issues for clients engaged in property acquisitions, and she assists in the development of materials for LCM presentations to educate clients and their design and construction teams about FHA compliance.

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