Casey Burch, AIA, LEED AP, PMP

Casey Burch, AIA, LEED AP, PMP
Partner | Architect

“Architecture is art and science. Every project is different, but a tested and refined approach to gathering client requirements, developing the design, and communicating the vision to the builder is a repeatable process.”

Casey’s affinity for the technical side of design led him towards a career in architecture project management. At LCM Casey has managed a wide range of architecture projects, from a 1,000 sf laser lab renovation to a 280,000 sf office center.

A certified Project Management Professional, Casey achieves project success by balancing organizational precision with the more subtle art of forging human connections. He uses his reverence for details and emphasis on transparency to prime a project team for success. Casey motivates his team by providing objectives and guidance, while allowing them independence to excel in what they do best.

With more than 15 years in the building industry, Casey still looks forward to new challenges. Over the course of a project there are thousands of decisions to be made and clients appreciate his ability to manage and communicate issues intelligently and expeditiously.

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