Benyoucef Senoussi, MArch

Benyoucef Senoussi, MArch
Associate | Accessibility Specialist, FHA

Benyoucef’s work is grounded in the idea that good design adapts to universal human needs and abilities across diverse backgrounds.

Benyoucef is a knowledgeable and attentive member of LCM’s FHA consulting group that advises on accessibility compliance for multifamily developments nationwide. Equally focused on the details and objective, he frames a disciplined planning process for each project.

By nurturing collaborative team rapport and delivering honest, straightforward service, Benyoucef assures clients that he is there to help improve accessibility, not to “inspect” and find fault. Clients appreciate the distinction and value of his constructive guidance to resolve accessibility compliance issues.

Living on multiple continents has convinced him that human needs are essentially the same, regardless of cultural and geographic diversity. In his experience, observing human behavior and anticipating how a space is to be used for universal functions of daily living is the most fundamental and compelling part of the creative design process. Choosing to help shape a better world by making environments more usable for people of all abilities is where Benyoucef’s professional and personal values converge.

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