Alfred Varble

Alfred Varble


“I make it easier for my clients to sleep at night. They worry less about accessibility complaints because they have the information needed to correct potential issues before they become a liability.”

More than 40 years as a project manager and designer has sharpened skills that serve Al well as an Accessibility Specialist on LCM’s FHA consulting team. Always attuned to the bottom line, he delivers the best value to every client, whether brainstorming compliance solutions during accessibility plan and construction review or developing assessment tools for efficient field verification.

As a talented high school student Al competed in a wide field of experienced and novice architects to take second place in a Tacoma Home Builders Association design challenge. Then, on to an architecture degree and a life of surprisingly divergent experiences.

From designing entertainment stage sets and casinos in Las Vegas to authoring technical manuals for his own publishing company, to managing the design and implementation of many renovation projects for Chicago Public Schools, Al has always been involved in construction reviews and observation. Exercising quality control by thoroughly reviewing documents and relying on extensive field experience, Al reliably offers clients confidence that their projects comply with all accessibility measures.

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