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Rachel Wiesbrock, Associate AIA

Rachel brings a passion for integrating inclusive design into all aspects of the built environment. Her personal journey with disability gives her a unique awareness and as a trained architect she has the technical knowledge to provide clients with thoughtful solutions. Her experience includes ADA compliance plan review, completing survey reports and remediation recommendations for …

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Tyler Smith

Tyler is an Accessibility Reviewer in LCM’s FHA consulting group, with four years of previous experience in accessibility. Equipped with a degree in psychology and industrial organization, Tyler brings a humanistic understanding of the subject to his role. 

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Michael Brendle, RA, LEED AP

An Accessibility Specialist in LCM’s ADA consulting group, Mick is a licensed architect with two-plus decades of experience in architecture and accessibility consulting. Having focused on implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act at the federal, state, and local levels since 2004, Mick’s extensive experience with the ADA stems from 60+ million square feet of surveyed …

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Josh Pabst, AIA

“As I am designing, I consider where the main architectural photo vantage points will ultimately be. Each of these views should be unique, dramatic, and well composed. Humans do not experience plans, elevations, or sections. By designing for what the camera will see I am designing for what a person will ultimately experience”, says Josh, …

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Justin Hedman

Equipped with a master’s degree in Engineering, Justin has a background in industrial research and systems management. His affinity for details, precision, and operational methodology serves him well as an Accessibility Specialist at LCM as he collects accessibility compliance data for various project types. Justin participates in surveys and reports preparation, applying ADA regulations to …

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Whitney Hill

Whitney has acquired a thorough and practical knowledge of ADA Standards for Accessible Design. A creative problem-solver who relishes a challenge, she is a valuable contributor to the LCM ADA Consulting group.  “Working with clients trying to make an accessible space, it’s very empowering to be involved from the beginning and help inform them of …

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Vanessa Newby

Vanessa has been an integral part of LCM’s accounting department since 2014. As an Accounting Assistant, she looks after travel requests, supply orders, and account payables.    

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Ulises Guerrero

As an Accessibility Specialist at LCM, Ulises has a practical opportunity to apply his belief that design is all about people. Attuned to people’s daily living needs, he uses his knowledge of accessibility standards and codes to align the built environment with the diverse abilities of a broader population. “Human beings are diverse and unique. …

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Troy Paul, BArch

“When I was a kid, I fantasized about becoming an aircraft designer, but then I read in an encyclopedia that the number of drawings it takes to construct an aircraft can fill up an entire football field”, Troy recalls. “Back in the day, we got our information from encyclopedias,” he adds with a wry smile.  …

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Headshot of Maritza Pineda

Maritza Pineda

Bright and undaunted by challenges, Maritza’s work ethic gives her the ability to successfully adapt to any and every work situation she encounters. As the administrative assistant of our FHA consulting group, Maritza is a great resource with a can-do attitude and friendly disposition. “When you are surrounded by genuinely enjoyable and terrific people, joy …

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