Universal Design

LCM follows the spirit of universal design when crafting sustainable architecture that is supportive of human activities in an inclusive society.

LCM’s architecture and accessibility services naturally lend themselves to a universal design specialty for which the firm is well-known. We have been pioneering the concept of universal design through education and setting standards since our inception in 1996. Now industry leaders in the field, we create spaces that meet high aesthetic standards while dispelling the stereotype that inclusive design is an unsightly and costly measure.

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While ADA accessibility standards and codes ensure a minimum level of accessibility, universal design presents an opportunity to explore innovative design solutions that consider and adapt to a range of abilities. Universal design creatively ensures that all people use spaces in the same, easy to understand way.

Universal design is most successful and cost effective when it informs design decisions from a project’s inception and throughout the creative process.

“The goal of universal design is to create environments that all people, disabled and non-disabled, use in the same way, providing the same degree of independence and dignity for all users.”

- Jack Catlin  FAIA (Partner, LCM Architects)


“Universal design blends with the building ... all people use the space in the same intuitive way.  We like to say that we are the only architecture firm that hopes our best work remains unnoticed."

- Dick Lehner  AIA, LEED AP (Partner, LCM Architects)
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