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LCM offers an accessibility consulting specialty in the design and construction of multifamily residential projects nationwide. We advise hundreds of architects, developers, contractors, investors, attorneys, and government agencies on the intricacies of the Fair Housing Act (FHA) requirements. Our professionals are licensed architects, Certified Access Specialist Program professionals, Registered Accessibility Specialists, and Certified Accessibility Inspectors/Plan Examiners. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development relies on our expertise to manage its national FHA FIRST initiative to promote accessibility requirements of Fair Housing Act.




Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 (FHA)

State and Local Accessibility Codes

Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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LCM provides field inspections of existing properties to assess for compliance with the seven design and construction requirements of the FHA and the ADA. Our detailed inspections include surveying public areas for ADA compliance and ‘covered dwelling units’ along with the common areas for FHA compliance. Where Federal Section 504 funding is involved, LCM inspects for UFAS requirements or the 2010 ADA Standards.

Legal Support

LCM provides litigation support to defendant counsel and enforcement agencies where alleged noncompliance with the FHA has been cited. By applying our expertise and background as a licensed architecture firm, we advise on ‘practical’ solutions in settlement agreements. As a neutral third party we inspect properties and assist with developing ‘acceptable functional specifications’ that satisfy compliance needs with cost effective strategies.

Properties inspected for FHA Litigation Support

Construction Inspections

LCM reviews shop drawings, product submittals, and construction progress at various phases to identify potential deficiencies that affect accessibility compliance. We meet with key personnel prior to the start of a project to identify responsibilities and define expectations. At the end of each review, we issue a detailed report indicating any observed deficiencies and referencing the design standard where more detailed information can be gained. We can consult with the design and construction team on alternative options available to achieve compliance where issues are cited. If requested by the owner or lending institution, LCM will issue a letter of compliance at the completion of construction.

Plan Reviews

LCM collaborates with project partners as a member of the design team to provide peer review to assure accessibility compliance with the design requirements of applicable federal standards and state and local building codes. Architectural and engineering plans are reviewed at various stages throughout the design process. If requested, LCM will issue a letter of compliance at the end of the process. To date we have reviewed plan sets in 36 states. Our plan reviews are tailored to meet the specific applicable codes and standards in every state and on every project.

Technical/Design Assistance

LCM’s technical assistance and design guidance clarifies gray issues in accessibility regulations for a single issue or an entire development.

Due Diligence Inspections

LCM works with owners, investors, and equity partners in real estate transactions to assess existing sites and buildings for FHA and ADA compliance. Observed deficiencies are documented in a comprehensive report with budget estimates for suggested barrier removal to help determine what would be required both physically and financially to bring a property into compliance.


In addition to presenting the HUD-sponsored FHA FIRST trainings, LCM provides customized trainings and webinars. Many of our interactive trainings are eligible for AIA continuing education learning units. We provide an overview of the seven design and construction requirements of the FHA Guidelines and focus on clients’ specific questions.

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Construction Reviews in 2018

What Our Clients Say

“Oftentimes we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations having to navigate the nuances of Fair Housing Act requirements ... We are able to reach out to LCM for consultation and they are always willing and able to assist in finding a resolution that works for everyone.” - Charlan Brock Associates 

“I had our entire office on the first webinar this week. Thanks LCM! Great partner!” - Training Webinar Attendee, Dwell Design Studio LLC

“LCM Architects has proven to be a reliable partner and resource ... From the principals of the firm to their field staff, all have shown an exemplary level of professionalism. From early design collaboration through field visits and follow up reports, LCM is very thorough and informative; a true asset to any development team!” - AG Spanos

“Thanks to their detailed surveys, the LCM folks came to know our campus better than most people who spend decades here. Combined with their deep knowledge of the intricacies of the Federal accessibility requirements, their creative problem-solving, and their relentless pursuit of accuracy in all reporting matters, they proved a vital resource." - The University of Chicago

“LCM Architects bring a high level of professionalism and expertise to the table. They have been a valuable partner in ensuring compliance for our projects, developing a better understanding of FHA and ADA requirements, and providing valuable training to our team.” - Focus Development

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