From Industrial Relic to Vibrant Community Hub

The Mill Master Plan | Terre Haute, Indiana

Recognizing the potential of this sprawling 65+ acre site in the “The Crossroads of America” in Terre Haute, Indiana, the Mill project envisions expanding an existing concert venue into a vibrant destination for arts, entertainment, and community engagement. The master plan supports various programs that will work together in synergy to create social infrastructure for people of all ages and abilities to come together, enjoy the outdoors, and engage in a wide range of activities.

The program elements include a community green adjacent to the amphitheater that will act as a central gathering place and adapt to activities year-round, a band shell, a Nashville-style live music bar, a public splash pad, a micro-retail, a hotel with an accompanying waterpark, travel baseball fields, an indoor athletics facility, a community music center, and auxiliary spaces such as VIP seating boxes, box office and concessions, parking, and rest areas. The project hopes to catalyze future growth along the Wabash River by creating a multitude of opportunities.

The brick and timber construction and the use of natural and rustic materials pay homage to the industrial heritage of the site, where once stood a paper mill. The design aesthetic allows for the use of inexpensive and recycled materials. Rooted in the values of the blue-collar community it stems from, the place’s down-to-earth, inviting vibe will encourage people from all walks of life to visit and enjoy their time. The additive nature of the project aspires for it to become a place with character evolved in the hands of multiple authors over time; diverse stories etched in its fabric, beautiful and interesting in its evolution.

Size 65 acres
Services Provided Master Planning | Architecture | Design | Visualization
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