Community Living Inspired by New Urbanism

Revolve at Denali | Aurora, Colorado 

Revolve at Denali is a multifamily development in Aurora, Colorado with a total of 201 units housed in three multistory buildings and five duplex carriage units. The site is situated on a major city thoroughfare and is part of a larger development. Anchoring the corner of the main entrance of the larger development, it is also a backdrop to the main signage. The facade design accounts for the strategic location, creating a cohesive, grand architectural expression for marking the important gateway. The project’s aesthetic is also expected to set the brand precedent for future buildings in the development.

The L-shaped buildings have three- and four- story components that juxtapose with each other to create prominence along the north-south main entrance. A stone, timber, and exposed timber-frame aesthetic, and an earthy color palette work in synergy to create a rustic contemporary expression. The design uses elements of new urbanism to create a conscious connection with the pedestrian sidewalk. A pedestrian portal along the main thoroughfare is one such element, another one is aligning living units along the sidewalks while concealing parking on the inside. The use of stone-based finish at the base of the buildings shows sensitivity to the way the building meets the ground.   

Clubhouse amenities include a community and games room, fitness center and yoga room, work pods and booths, kitchen and outdoor firepit and grilling area, and poolside deck. The spaces are configured for an organic flow of circulation.

The other side of the site is against a smaller town street, beyond which are buildings of a shorter height. The carriage units along this street are proposed as transitionary structures between the taller buildings on the north and shorter buildings towards the south. Introduction of gable roofs to the carriage units helps bridge the transition into shorter dwellings with pitched roofs in the neighborhood.


Size 293,124 Square Feet
Services Provided Architecture | Design | Planning | Visualization | FHA Accessibility Consulting
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