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Polling Places

553 Polling Places Evaluated

Accessible polling places ensure an equal opportunity for everyone to participate in the voting process in person.


LCM evaluates polling place accessibility of in-person early voting and Election Day locations nationwide. Facilities include schools, churches, community centers, libraries, park district field houses, senior centers, apartment buildings and more.

LCM confirms that the voting area and elements leading directly to the area are accessible. These elements include parking and passenger drop-off sites, exterior and interior routes, and entrances. Conditions we assess include running and cross slopes, maneuvering clearance, width, door hardware, signage, level changes, surfaces, and protruding objects.  

Our reports identify barriers that prevent access by people with disabilities. Findings reference 1991 and 2010 ADA Standards and the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Checklist for Polling Places (2016). Our recommended solutions are often temporary, low-cost measures consistent with the temporary nature of polling places.  

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