Polk Bros Park Performance Lawn

Features Less than 5% sloped route around stage and lawn | Dispersed accessible seating with companion seats | Accessible surfaces extending to lawn seating | Wall designed specifically for easier transfer to lawn seating

The park embodies the belief of its prime patron, the Polk Bros Foundation, that the arts and culture should be accessible to everyone.

Chicago, Illinois
Scope of Services
Accessibility Consulting
Universal Design Consulting

Landscape Architect
James Corner Field Operations

Polk Bros Park reinvents an underutilized, 13-acre entry zone as an interactive green space that is a vibrant gateway to Navy Pier. Designed to accommodate free arts and cultural programming, the public park appeals to the city’s diverse citizens and visitors.

Multi-stage, picnic-friendly performance lawns, set against spectacular lake and skyline views, are an important feature of the new public park. As part of Chicago’s ADA 25 initiative, LCM conferred with the James Corner Field Operations design team on the integration of accessibility and universal design elements into the performance lawn design to improve the experience of all users. LCM reviewed plans and proposed solutions for specific amenities, such as sloping and stepped seating areas of the open-air venue.