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Legal Support

3,000+ properties inspected for ADA and FHA litigation support

LCM provides legal support and consulting to defendant counsel and enforcement agencies to assist in the interpretation and application of the numerous accessibility codes and standards.

LCM offers a unique perspective to the complex technical requirements of the ADA, FHA, UFAS, and applicable building codes. As a licensed architecture firm we see every day how standards and codes impact design. Additionally, LCM leaders have gained valuable insight while serving on the U.S. Access Board, ANSI, and other regulatory committees.

We work with commercial enterprises, municipal agencies, and clients in the building industry to proactively avoid allegations of noncompliance. Where noncompliance has been cited, LCM has the knowledge and experience to assist in developing ‘practical’ solutions in settlement agreements. We have also served as subject matter experts for attorneys.

What To Do If An Accessibility Complaint Is Filed

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