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Houston METRO

Houston METRO's infrastructure improvement goals will provide an inclusive transportation system and environment for all users, including those with mobility, sensory, and cognitive disabilities.

Houston, Texas
Scope of Services
Universal Design
Accessibility Consulting

Construction Type
New, Renovation

LCM is providing accessibility and universal design consulting services to three architecture and engineering teams that are responsible for infrastructure improvements to the Houston METRO transit system. LCM’s guidance on all teams will establish a consistent application of universal design principles to systemwide components such as parking, street crossings, accessible route locations, curb ramps, seating and benches, stations, transit arrival notification, signage, and wayfinding.

The HNTB team is transforming the Northwest Transit Center into a multi-modal center serving local buses, express buses, and a new Bus Rapid Transit line.

The AECOM team is providing architecture and engineering services for METRO’s Light Rail Transit system, comprised of three separate routes radiating from the city’s center.

Gunda Corporation is providing services to address civil engineering, street traffic management, and street maintenance issues for METRO’s entire system, including bus and light rail transit.

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