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Michael “Mick” Brendle, AIA, LEED AP, LCM Architect’s Associate, has been a valued collaborator with HCA since 2000, initially providing architectural services and subsequently expanding his role to include accessibility consulting in 2004. Over the years, Mick has worked closely with HCA on a wide range of ADA-related initiatives, demonstrating his expertise in this domain.

One of Mick’s key responsibilities within the HCA project portfolio is providing ADA consultation, particularly regarding the development of owner ADA standards and the creation of training materials and guidance documents. This ongoing collaboration ensures that HCA remains compliant with ADA regulations across its extensive healthcare infrastructure. As the primary ADA consultant for HCA, Mick has been instrumental in navigating litigation matters and managing voluntary survey programs, which encompass remediation efforts and architectural designs for HCA’s diverse portfolio of nearly 200 hospitals, associated medical office buildings, and 100 surgical centers, totaling approximately 70 million square feet.

Although formal plan reviews for HCA are not within Mick’s scope of work, he does provide prompt responses to isolated questions regarding accessibility. In addition, he has undertaken formal plan reviews for some of HCA’s vendors, including architects and contractors. These plan reviews have involved evaluating compliance with ADA requirements.

Mick’s extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of ADA compliance have made him a trusted partner for HCA. His architectural expertise, coupled with his accessibility consulting services, has contributed significantly to HCA’s commitment to providing accessible healthcare facilities. His relationship with HCA has positioned LCM Architects as the primary ADA consultant for HCA Healthcare. 

Size 70,000,000 Square Feet
Services Provided Accessibility Consulting | ADA Guidelines and Standards | Training
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