FHA Client Spotlight: Focus

Focus and LCM have worked together across the state of Illinois on a variety of multi-family residential projects. 


Scope of Services
Accessibility Plan Reviews

Select Projects Include:
Courthouse Square Wheaton
Focus Spectre
831 Emerson
1717 Ridge
Reserve at Glenview

With a significant portfolio of residential projects since their inception in 1993, Focus has built a strong reputation as a premier developer, general contractor, and consultant. They collaborate with LCM Architects on design and construction requirements of the Fair Housing Act. LCM’s services have included plan reviews throughout a project’s development to ensure compliance. LCM has also provided trainings for Focus’s employees. 


“LCM Architects bring a high level of professionalism and expertise to the table. They have been a valuable partner in ensuring compliance for our projects, developing a better understanding of FHA and ADA requirements, and providing valuable training to our team.”
– Tim Anderson (CEO, Focus)