City of Los Angeles Accessible Affordable Housing Plan

The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department is developing an Accessible Housing Program with guidance from LCM.

Los Angeles, CA
Scope of Services
Surveys and Reports
Plan and Construction Reviews

LCM is working with the City of Los Angeles as the ‘Chief Neutral Accessibility Consultant’ to provide sufficient accessible affordable housing. We are verifying FHA, ADA, Section 504/UFAS, and California Building Code accessibility compliance for more than 800 existing and newly completed multifamily housing properties.

Over the course of 10 years, LCM’s scope includes:

  • Survey and document hundreds of multifamily developments and more than 4,000 dwelling units
  • Audit existing accessibility surveys
  • Provide plan and construction reviews for new and substantially altered buildings
  • Recommend compliant properties and units for City certification
  • Train property owners, architects, and City staff on design and construction accessibility requirements

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