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City of Denver ADA Transition Plan & Self Evaluation

400+ buildings

The City and County of Denver’s ADA accessibility initiative is a notable step towards more inclusive opportunities for citizens and visitors.

Denver, CO
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Independent Licensed Architect
ADA Title II Transition Plan and Self Evaluation
Inspections & Reports

As the Independent Licensed Architect, we are evaluating ADA compliance of alterations the City and County of Denver will complete. A team led by LCM is performing ADA assessments of select Denver facilities and recommending necessary remedial solutions. 

LCM is working with the Denver Division of Disability Rights to analyze program and physical assessment data, enhance their ADA database, and develop an ADA Transition Plan. This plan identifies barriers that may limit access to Denver’s services and sets an implementation schedule for corrective action.

We are also facilitating an ADA Self Evaluation process for Denver agencies to assess compliance of policies, practices, and procedures. This information contributes to the recommendations for program accessibility compliance outlined in the City of Denver ADA Transition Plan.


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