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City of Chicago Transition Plan & Self Evaluation

44 city departments evaluated

The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities’ ambition is to move Chicago towards becoming the most accessible city in the nation.

Chicago, Illinois
Scope of Services
Self Evaluation
Transition Plan
ADA Assessments

LCM conducted surveys to ascertain accessibility compliance for the City of Chicago’s facilities, programs, and websites. The greatest challenge was the disparate programs offered by the many departments and the resulting volume of information to be gathered and recorded.

Given the broad scope of facilities to evaluate, LCM supplemented our own survey work by training staff from each department to properly conduct facility and program surveys. We compiled survey and program evaluation findings, along with our resulting recommendations, in detailed reports to guide departmental decision-makers responsible for prioritizing barrier remediation in an ADA Title II Transition Plan. Prior work with the City of Chicago and our status as a locally-based firm affords us an advantage of the domain to best assist in the remediation process.

“LCM is widely respected, both in the City of Chicago and across the nation, for their expertise in accessibility. Many of their staff don’t just do this as a day job, they are personally and deeply touched by disability and have committed their careers to improving the lives of people with disabilities.”
– Karen Tamley, Commissioner, Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
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