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Chicago Housing Authority

1943 UFAS 504 mobility & sensory units certified 6000+ units reviewed

LCM has worked with the Chicago Housing Authority since 2005 to confirm accessibility compliance for new, redeveloped, and rehabilitated properties.

Chicago, Illinois
Scope of Services
ADA Title II Transition Plan
Plan & Construction Reviews
Surveys & Reports
Third Party Certification

The Chicago Housing Authority and its project partners consistently rely on LCM to evaluate compliance with UFAS, FHA, ADA, ADAAG, and the Chicago Building Code for multifamily properties. CHA retained LCM as a third party certifier to verify compliance with applicable accessibility regulations and code requirements in Senior, Family, and Scattered Site Housing developments, as well as common areas at residential sites. We also surveyed properties and reviewed policies and procedures to identify physical and procedural issues which would have a discriminatory impact on people with disabilities and to develop an ADA Title II Section 504 Transition Plan.

We are currently providing accessibility plan and construction reviews, third party certification, training,  and a Transition Plan update.

“LCM’s work product and services for the CHA have proven why they are a leader in the field of accessibility work. CHA has come to depend on LCM’s expertise in all accessibility construction matters. Their flexibility and commitment to assisting CHA in accomplishing its goals have made for an excellent working relationship.”
– Chicago Housing Authority Section 504 Compliance Manager
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