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32 East Green Street

This development brings urban density and activity to a popular street bordering the University of Illinois campus.

Champaign, Illinois
Scope of Services

Construction Type:
New Construction

90,000 sf, Apartments
7,940 sf, Retail

This five-story, residential and retail development has a contemporary aesthetic and walkable proximity to public amenities, entertainment, and transportation appealing to students and young professionals alike. Designed in a clean, contemporary style, the podium-style building features balconies in some tiers and a distinctive cornice element.

The exterior of red/brown brick with black trim is punctuated by large windows, which bring plentiful natural light in all interior spaces and provide panoramic views in corner units. For a sustainable environmental impact, LCM reduced the amount of covered parking in the original program and incorporated bike racks, sunshades, and large south facing windows in the design.

The leasing structure is a co-living model with each tenant separately renting a bedroom with en suite bath in a unit with shared kitchen/dining and living areas. All rooms and units are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities and with the same level of high end furnishings and features. Residents have access to a first-rate fitness center off a furnished lounge on the first floor.

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