Contemporary Style Multifamily Housing

112 East John | Champaign, Illinois

LCM has designed a five-story residential building on a corner parcel immediately west of the University of Illinois campus. The new building will house 42 dwelling units, with a mix of studios, one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom fully furnished apartments suitable for rental to students.

On a site formerly occupied by a three-story building and a parking lot, the new building has a long presence along South 2nd Street. To soften this expanse, the massing gives the appearance of three separate buildings. A selection of various materials, textures, and contrasting neutral colors reinforces this expression. A metal slat system compatible with the building palette conceals the parking area from the street view.

Size 36,790 Square Feet
Services Provided Architecture | Design | Interior Design | Planning | Visualization | FHA Accessibility Consulting
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