LCM Cares

LCM Cares embodies the firm’s commitment to give back through Community Engagement, Education, and Service. This committee supports employees as they explore their passions, business skills, and expertise to bring about meaningful change and improve the lives of others in our community. LCM Cares encourages building relationships within the company and the community, by fostering active participation in social programs. This employee-driven initiative promotes the belief that by working together and investing our own time and resources, we can make this world a better place. LCM Cares seeks to always be consistent with, and to further LCM’s mission and identity.

"Thank you to the partners for making this program possible!  We are proud to be a part of a firm that is committed to contributing and making a difference. "

-LCM Cares

Recent Projects

A Special Congrats to the 2020 Graduates!


More Recent projects include..

Pop-Up donations! 

Homes Access Project

Letters to Santa

Nancy's Stockings

Accessible Kids Halloween Costumes

I-NOMA Pipeline projet

"Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic encouragement and support of the LCM Cares summer matching grant initiative. We are pleased to announce that collectively we have contributed $1,210 in support of the I-NOMA Pipeline project which inspires under-served and under-represented youth through programming that is designed to educate, inspire, and mentor students as they matriculate through the rigors of becoming a licensed architect. The total raised represents $500 in matching funds from LCM Cares and $710 contributed by your co-workers. This is a great testament to the spirit of LCM and a promising future. We look forward to a time in the not too distant future when we can share with you opportunities for in-person engagement with students who participate in the program. Thank you again. - Steve Montgomery"

Other causes that LCM Cares supports

Meals on Wheels

The Network

Masks for Disabled People

Big Brothers and Sisters

LCM Employees- Fill out a submission

We want to hear your ideas for the next LCM Cares project!

Committee meetings will be held on the second Friday of every month (subject to change) and you are asked to submit this form in advance and present your request to the Committee. A response will be provided within one week of the committee meeting.

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