Marsha Agard Joins LCM

Marsha Agard Joins LCM

LCM welcomes Marsha Agard to our Architecture group. Marsha’s ideal of achieving well-designed functionality aligns with LCM’s work to make spaces usable by all people.

Inspired by geometrical designs in architecture and nature, she uses her strong architectural detailing and problem solving skills in her work. Marsha explores ways to bring all project elements together through thoughtful design.

She considers constructability as a key component when integrating function into aesthetically pleasing solutions. Marsha’s goal is not only a satisfied client, but also a delighted end user. 

An avid interest in the construction process led Marsha to pursue technical training in construction engineering in her native country Trinidad and Tobago. Eventually, she was drawn to architecture as a career where she could contribute to the construction field in a more indirect manner. She earned a Master of Architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, where she was a teaching assistant for several Architectural Structure courses.

Marsha’s wood working and jewelry making interests are undoubtedly an outgrowth of her building industry fascination – without the heavy lifting. 

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