LCM New Hires in 2020

LCM New Hires in 2020

Five new hires joined LCM’s Accessibility Consulting team in 2020. We welcomed Whitney Hill, George Mendez, Paige Panek, Maritza Pineda, and Stan Swiech.

George Mendez

George Mendez is a licensed architect and California Certified Access Specialist (CASp) with a 15-year career in the building industry. His work has focused on multifamily housing, healthcare, and retail developments. Managing teams of architects, engineers, consultants, vendors, and contractors has been an ideal way to explore the intricate building process.

Experience has shown him the importance of every detail in shaping a building’s appearance and functionality. Technically proficient in accessibility codes and standards through his professional training and experience, George had a desire to dig deeper. At LCM he is broadening his understanding of how each accessibility requirement impacts a building’s design and user experience. His daily work is an opportunity to apply his preferred practical problem-solving approach to make spaces more usable for everyone.

George earned a Bachelor of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Fluent in English and Spanish, George has managed multiple retail construction projects throughout the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and Europe.

Maritza Pineda

Maritza Pineda is a vivacious and detail-oriented addition to LCM Architects’ staff. She joined LCM with an administrative background in document organization and management. Her previous work for attorneys is a strong foundation for her client information management role with LCM’s FHA Consulting Group. Maritza is helping to streamline an electronic data system to manage all aspects of client interface and LCM service delivery. LCM’s base for Fair Housing Act consulting includes over 145 multifamily housing clients with hundreds of projects nationwide.

With a creative flair, Maritza specialized in Theater Arts and Italian to earn a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa. Fluent in three languages, she has worked as a language instructor and traveled in Europe, North, South, and Central America. An avid in-line skater, Maritza especially enjoys treks along the North Branch Trail.

Stanley Swiech

Stan Swiech is a licensed architect with a 30-year career as an architect/project manager with a focus on K-12 projects.  He is LCM’s ADA Design Manager for Chicago Public Schools as part of the district’s Program Management Office team. In this role he conducts project milestone accessibility reviews and fields accessibility questions from architects and design managers. On behalf of the PMO team, Stan is managing project scoping for 50+ schools to make them first floor accessible. He also is engaged in updating the CPS design guidelines and making occasional visits to the various CPS facilities.

A music buff, Stan especially appreciates 1950s and ’60s blues, bee-bop era jazz, and ’50s and ’60s rock ‘n roll. He enjoys traveling and savoring local cultures and cuisines wherever he visits. Seemingly never-ending construction projects at home are a testament to his devotion to architecture. But his greatest passion is for spending time with his family.

Stan believes his current role sets him on a path to deeply engage in creating more inclusive, socially sustainable communities.  

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