ADA Survey Training Programs

ADA Survey Training Programs

Is an ADA Training Program Right for Your Business?

LCM teaches clients how to perform their own surveys and assessments. Options include classroom training, field instruction, webinars, or the production of videos and guideline standards.


Why a training program?

A variety of situations may prompt a business to initiate an ADA training program:

  • confronting litigation
  • getting ahead of potential complaints
  • assessing properties under renovation to verify compliance
  • surveying new acquisitions to determine extent of accessibility issues

Training Curriculum

The curriculum prepares trainees for surveying conditions that may not conform to textbook examples. It covers:

  • survey tools
  • survey basics
  • reporting techniques
  • understanding of the ADA requirements

Ongoing technical support is valuable. In-field calls, bulletins, quality control reviews, and refresher instruction reinforce initial trainings and improve success of an ADA training program.

Train the Surveyor

In a ‘train the surveyor’ program, our specialists provide classroom and field instruction to teach facilities staff methods for assessing ADA compliance. We also work with management services partners to train surveyors that are tasked with assessing properties on the client’s behalf.

For clients with multiple facilities we train personnel who are familiar with and invested in daily operations and maintenance. Training in the field for individuals who will be dedicated to performing the surveys and gathering information is particularly effective.

Videos, Online Training, and Design Guides

Training videos or webinars may be more practical for some clients. Travel for a large number of trainees in dispersed locations may be complicated and costly, so remote training would be a better solution.

A video training module can be used repetitively and as a refresher tool. Some clients make training videos available to their installers and vendors to raise awareness of proper measurement and equipment. An accessibility design guide is helpful to supplement the ADA training program.

What is Best?

In some cases clients determine it is more advantageous to have LCM perform surveys. For example, if they have a tight schedule or high staff turnover. But when a client desires an ADA training program, LCM helps them evaluate each option to find the solution(s) best suited to their specific needs.

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