ADA Compliant Curb Ramps Webinar

ADA Compliant Curb Ramps Webinar

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ADA Compliant Curb Ramps: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Understand the importance of accessible design so features constructed in the public way are usable and accessible.

Curb ramps are one of the most misunderstood accessibility design elements. They can also be the most dangerous, as the most mishaps occur on the public right-of-way. Topography, which is different for every city or town, can be a complicating factor. This webinar will address priorities for ADA compliant curb ramps in large municipalities with many sidewalks, intersections, and curbs. The material explains the applicable regulations for curb ramps – the 2010 ADA Standards as well as the U.S. Access Board proposed guidelines – and provides guidance on proper design and construction. The information discusses solutions for challenging geographic conditions and addresses common design and construction errors.

Failing to properly design curb ramps puts citizens at risk of serious injury and can create legal and financial risks for municipalities. Understanding proper design methodology is the first step in mitigating those risks for everyone’s benefit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify appropriate curb ramp design for various locations (e.g. when is it appropriate to have a diagonal curb ramp).
  • Describe whether the different types of curb ramps are compliant.
  • Recognize the various types of curb ramps and whether or not they are compliant.
  • Explain scoping requirements for curb ramps under 2010 ADA Standards


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