Employee Promotions

We are thrilled to announce 
our 2022 promotions! 

This is a great era for LCM, a firm of people who continually demonstrate they are effective agents for change. Meet our newest generation of leaders. Through their service, they have contributed to the firm’s growth and reputation. We look forward to their continued success as valued members of our team. Congratulations!


Headshot of Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez, BArch

Headshot of Joe Cuevas

Joe Mercado-Cuevas, RA, LEED AP

Headshot of Amber Fagan

Amber Fagan

Headshot of Ulises Guerrero

Ulises Guerrero

Headshot of Adele Lehner

Adele Lehner

Headshot of George Mendez

George Mendez, RA, CASp

Headshot of Barbara Padilla

Barbara Padilla, AIA, RAS

Headshot of Teresita Pineda

Teresita Pineda, ICC

Headshot of Erin Rensink

Erin Rensink, RA, NOMA

Senior Associates

Headshot of Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold

Headshot of Steve Montgomery

Steve Montgomery, AIA, LEED AP

Headshot of Guadalupe Romo

Lupe Romo

Headshot of Matthew Schreiber

Matthew Schreiber, MArch, LEED AP

Headshot of Richard Seneczko

Richard Seneczko, AIA, RAS

Headshot of Benyoucef Senoussi

Benyoucef Senoussi

Headshot of Alec Thornton

Alec Thornton, AIA

Headshot of Elizabeth Zaverdas

Elizabeth Zaverdas

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