LCM provides specialized accessibility consulting services in accordance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA) to architects, developers, contractors, investors, attorneys, and government agencies across the country.

At various stages of the design process, LCM reviews architectural, interior design, civil, landscape, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings for compliance with the seven FHA Design and Construction Requirements. We review all amenities and public areas for FHA compliance. Construction inspections for accessibility issues in dwelling units, public areas, amenities, interior and exterior pedestrian routes, and resident and public parking are typically performed at post framing, close-up, and the final punch list.

LMC Architects- Coast Modern Apartments
LMC Architects- Coast Modern Apartments

We also provide support for clients that are engaged in litigation or are the subject of consent decree agreements with the U.S. Department of Justice. For the plaintiff or defendant, we have served as Independent Licensed Architect, neutral third-party reviewer, property surveyor, and expert witness to evaluate compliance with requirements of the FHA and other federal, state, and local codes.


LMC Architects- Coast Modern Apartments

How do ADA Title II and Title III Differ?

While ADA Title II and Title III cover entities in state and local government as well as private enterprises, their approaches to accessibility compliance differ. Click here to learn more.

LCM Architects, Chicago

FHA Training Program

LCM Accessibility Specialists teach clients how to perform their own surveys and assessments. Options include classroom training, field instruction, webinars, or the production of videos and guideline standards. Click here to learn about our training services.


Accessible Housing Makes Good $ense

People with disabilities are the only minority that can be discriminated against solely by the design of the built environment. Learn how complying with Fair Housing Act accessibility regulations is good for business in the multifamily housing industry.



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