Our specialists conduct ADA assessments of bank branches, ATMs, and other facilities, and provide recommendations on how to remediate barriers to meet accessibility codes and Standards. We also offer consulting on inclusive design for clients that want to  go beyond the minimum requirements and explore new banking concepts.

We also provide training for bank employees to ensure that they are equipped to identify potential barriers and assist customers with disabilities in navigating the physical environment. Our goal is to help financial institutions create a physically accessible environment that meets the needs of all customers, regardless of their abilities.

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How do ADA Title II and Title III Differ?

While ADA Title II and Title III cover entities in state and local government as well as private enterprises, their approaches to accessibility compliance differ. Click here to learn more.

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What to do if a complaint is filed?

Learn the best defense against physical accessibility complaints and three simple action steps to follow if one is filed. Read more.

man in wheelchair using atm bank machine

Planning for Accessibility Success

How can a project team plan for accessibility success in their design and construction projects? We break it down for you in three simple steps.



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