RIC 10th Floor Renovation

Rehab Institute of Chicago 10th Floor Nurses Stati

This project involved the complete renovation and repurposing of the tenth floor at RIC's flagship hospital to create new patient rooms to address the needs of patients with serious brain injuries. Included in the program are twenty single-occupancy patient rooms, each with sufficient room for family to visit and spend the night.  The design also includes two nursing stations, dining and therapy spaces, plus related support facilities.

The selection of colors and finishes offer an aesthetically pleasing and complementary design that is consistent with RIC's “Branded Environment.” Special attention was given to the design details that accommodate the unique challenges of patients with brain injury. This project was completed in association with Eva Maddox Branded Environments. Additional work included full replacement of the exterior window wall on this floor as part of ongoing overall building upgrades.
Photography by Lambros Photography, Inc.

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